Want your freedom? Here’s how.

Want your freedom? Here’s how.

When you play hard, you get what most never do; freedom.  

Play hard means:  

1) Be clear in your mind, fully intentional.

2) Go harder than anyone could ever make you.

3) 20% of everything you do is a new test, measure results, only keep what works best   and keep testing.

P.S. You can take short-cuts by modeling successful methods.  Find shortcuts

You’ll do more for others than you’ll do for yourself

You’ll do more for others than you’ll do for yourself.

If you want to accomplish more than you have right now, the reason needs to be compelling.

Most of us say, “I want x amount of money.”  The problem is if you’ve never made x amount of money, you don’t know how and the learning curve is usually a bit more brutal than you would have expected.

You’re learning a completely new set of skills (none of which is taught in school), there’s competition, and most people quit.  They would have made it, but they quit – and that my friends could have been avoided.

Here’s one big trick in making it all work – leverage.  Leverage on yourself.  You must make your goal so necessary to achieve that you’ll crawl naked through burning glass to get it.  And since you’re human, you’ll rarely do this for yourself, but you will do it for others.  Think about people in your life who would really benefit from what you’re doing.  Do it for them and you’ll get farther faster.

P.S. Want a fantastic exercise to lock goals in, see page 22-23 of REWIRE. It works.

Square Peg in a Round Hole? – Square Pro’s and Con’s

We’ve been following Square since they launched in 2009, back when the idea of a swipe-based smartphone processing system with no monthly fee and no equipment cost sounded more or less like a fairy tale, too good to be true. Fast forward a few short years – and look around. There are dozens of mobile payment solutions offering exactly this. In fact, merchants have come to expect nothing less than this. Even the smallest businesses who have never processed a dollar before want the lowest rates possible with no monthly fees. Square – and a host of others – have obliged. But as we have learned – this freedom comes with a different kind of price.