A Peek Inside an Advisors First Deal

If you were to ask Charles Breese what he first expected when he started his career with First Financial, he would have told you how daunting the whole experience seemed to him, because of his lack of knowledge in the electronic card industry.

Charles first deal with First Financial challenged him, revealed his character and solidified that he was in the right place.

Charles felt connected with First Financial right away because he saw the many advantages that First Financial could provide him. He felt that First Financial would allow him to “prosper personally and professionally” and that few other companies would be able to match that type of opportunity.

One of the things that he most enjoyed about joining the First Financial team was that he was in the “driver’s seat the first day.” Charles feels that “sales is a profession that will reveal and challenge your character,” which is something he can testify to after his first deal. He was grateful to have his Agent Director, Mike Novitski guiding him through all the twists and turns that he was challenged with during the process.

Charles first deal was at a Vegan Restaurant in his community. He was able to connect with his prospect immediately by telling her that he was her neighbor and also a frequenter of her restaurant. 

Charles was able to connect with his client through common interests, like vegetarian food and establishing a healthy lifestyle. These basic, common interests helped Charles gain a long-lasting relationship with his customer.

Charles ended with saying, “First Financial is not a job to me. It is my personal journey to empowerment, professionally. It is my business, and I will treat it as mine personally.” He also mentioned knowing why you want First Financial to engage with you as a business owner is critical and to simply let the First Financial team show you the way.

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