Happy Thanksgiving from the FFUSA team!

Happy Thanksgiving from the First Financial team! We hope you have a fantastic day with your loved ones. 

All last week the office was buzzing with reasons we LOVE Thanksgiving. Find out some of our teams favorite parts of Thanksgiving and also what yummy side dishes are our favorites.

Chad Churchill

Favorite Side Dish: Sweet Potato Pie and White Castle Dressing (see pictures below from Chad’s last Thanksgiving)


Colin Kraker

Favorite side dish: Grandma’s buttered carrot recipe.

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Passing out in a food coma, watching football.

Lynn Creighton 

Favorite side dish: Collard greens

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Playing games with the kids (especially pie face) and of course, drinking.

John Lavrenz (Weasel) 

The food is great, but getting together with family is one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving.

Tim Severson 

Favorite side dish: Wine

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Spending time with family

Mike Novitzki 

Favorite side dish: Uncle Ken’s stuffing (with Jimmy Deans sauce)

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: The Turkey Ball. The Turkey Ball is something that Mike’s friends family has been doing for the past 60 years on the morning of Thanksgiving. They rent the field at Sibley High School and hire refs for the game. The winner of the game wins a big bottle of alcohol as their ‘trophy.’ Good luck this year Mike!


Chuck Fowler

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Being able to spend low key, unencumbered time with family Favorite side dish: Sweet Potatoes

Theodore Pound (Joe) 

Being able to start cooking on Wednesday night and continuing to cook all day on Thursday. In the past, we have made pumpkin tortillas and chili sauce.

Amy Godlewksi 

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Being with family                                                                                       Favorite side dish: Homemade dressing

Ave Lataweic 

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Having a full house                                                                                   Favorite side dish: Cranberry sauce

Allison Ramey

I love having my family all back under one roof and having a day where we all get to be together and indulge in stuffing and wine.

Kelli Staut 

Favorite side dish: Dressing

Favorite part of Thanksgiving: Every year, when her kids make a veggie tray in the shape of a turkey, that they can snack on while they wait for food to be done.



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