On the Wrong Program! – Real Life Case Study

Whether your a swimming pool company, a flooring business or a vet clinic… we run into this type if scenario often.  See how we created a custom program for this dental office.  We are making merchant services simple for everyone involved.

All right let’s talk about problem solving. I’m going to go through a scenario that’s super common and you see in this industry where accounts just aren’t set up properly.

In his scenario we’re going to look at a dental office. How this account was set up originally was as a “retail” account, which means cards were swiped, you have the card there and swipe it through and transaction is done. And when you first look at it without a lot of experience that seems appropriate, but think about what really happens in scenarios like this – a dental office, a flooring company…I dealt with a guy the other day who designed and installed swimming pools or veterinary clinics where you do a transaction up front at the time of service and maybe you can’t pay the whole bill at that time and so they bill you over the course of a handful of months. So every month after the first transaction they’re actually keying the transaction in, you don’t run in to pay your bill you give it to them over the phone.

So what happened in this scenario when it was set up was oh we’re a “retailer.” Oh okay great we’re going to give you retail equipment which would have been great if you were a clothing store or candy shop or something where you go and swipe and that’s it. That would have been perfect but in this scenario that wasn’t the case.
So when we looked at this account and the merchant didn’t even realize that they had so many excessive fees on all these keyed in transactions until we pointed it out and the merchant was like wow I didn’t realize that. Well it was because of how the account was set up.

So we were able to go in and set it up as a retail keyed account, which means we understand these transactions are coming in and they’re not downgrading to an excessive fee level. So we were able to save the merchant a lot of money. We did do a little equipment upgrade because of how they were taking the transactions.
Again, this is very common out there and it’s important when you approach a merchant that you make sure you ask the right questions. How are you taking the transactions? What do you anticipate happening later if there’s an outstanding balance? Get them the right type of program.

So if you’re a merchant or you work with merchants and you’re not sure because it might be a little awkward scenario and you’re not sure how it will work, reach out to us at www.FFUSA.com and give us a call and we’ll go through the process with you of asking the right questions and making sure we get them on the right account.

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