Golf Course – Real Life Case Study

Creating solutions tailored to your business needs.  In this real life case study we’ll show you exactly how we did that for a local golf course.

Let’s talk about problem solving. A lot of what we need to do for our clients is making sure they’re on the right systems and there are a lot of different options for them today. I’m going to go through an example of a golf course that we helped out and I’m going to work from the bottom up here.

They wanted to take credit cards on their carts; you know the people out on the course selling to the patrons and didn’t have that ability. They had a Golf Academy and couldn’t take cards out there; they were in a funky sort of cellular kind of area where they couldn’t get reception enough to make a terminal work.

Then we had the Pro Shop, restaurant and banquet hall. What was going on was, number one they each had different types of equipment and they were all running on the same phone line. So let’s take a look at what kind of problems that proposed for the merchant.

One was waiting for a line and so every time the Pro Shop was running a transaction the restaurant couldn’t run a transaction. They’d have to sit and wait because it’s waiting for the same phone line. And then vice versa someone in the restaurant is trying to figure out a tab and get the transaction processed; meanwhile they have 3 groups backing up in the Pro Shop waiting to hit their tee time and they can’t run the transaction because it’s waiting for a line.

Again, no connection and so at the Academy where they ran a lot business would say, oh I’m sorry Mr. Customer, would you please run up to the Pro Shop that’s 200 yards away if you want to pay by credit card. So that posed a really big problem for them.

Then the carts couldn’t get set up originally and we were able to help them out. And the big problem was they weren’t able to accept tips on the transaction. You can imagine as a customer when you go somewhere that tipping is appropriate, the last thing you want to do as the merchant is to go, oh would you like to add a tip to your transaction? So we were able to get them a tip line.

So what we did in those scenarios is we got the carts set up with terminals with tip lines, which made them very happy and generated more revenue not only for the course but for the employees of the golf course. The Academy we set them up with a solution where they could run transactions instead of running their customers 200 yards away to the Pro Shop.

And then everyone got on the same type of program. We got them the same equipment, we got them set up where they’re not running on the same phone line and that way each one could run transactions independently and not have to worry about the other one and waiting for a line and, quite frankly, upsetting their customers.

So understand when you go in and you’re helping a customer that it’s not always about cost. Cost is certainly important but you want to problem solve for them and so we’re going to make sure we ask the right kinds of questions and make sure we get them on the right kind of system so that it’s a smooth transaction and smooth process.

Again, if you run into a scenario where you’re not sure what to do, if you’re a merchant you can certainly look into us and we’ll help you out with that. Or if you work with merchants call on us and we’ll help you problem solve and make these solutions a lot easier for the customer and make you look a lot better with them too.

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