Square Peg in a Round Hole? – Square Pro’s and Con’s

We’ve been following Square since they launched in 2009, back when the idea of a swipe-based smartphone processing system with no monthly fee and no equipment cost sounded more or less like a fairy tale, too good to be true. Fast forward a few short years – and look around. There are dozens of mobile payment solutions offering exactly this. In fact, merchants have come to expect nothing less than this. Even the smallest businesses who have never processed a dollar before want the lowest rates possible with no monthly fees. Square – and a host of others – have obliged. But as we have learned – this freedom comes with a different kind of price.


Judge A Mini By It’s Name?

You can’t judge a Clover Mini by it’s name… This attractive, small but robust POS system enables you to run your business better! We are excited to be one of only 24 providers able to offer the mini to our clients starting today!  Because you are a client of ours or have expressed interest in First Financial recently your eligible to become one of the first businesses to achieve greater flexibility with this POS system.

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Promote Cool or Not?

Apple needs to give shoppers and business owners more good reasons to use Apple Pay in stores, other than the cool factor. (The in-app version of Apple Pay is a no-brainer for shoppers, since it’s much easier to use than having to type in payment information on a small screen but is it right for your business?
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